Freya’s Bust – The Fairest of the Vannir


Freya’s 1/12 bust is a 3D printed miniature inspired by the Norse Mythology.

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Freya, or Freyja (“the lady”), is one of the principal deities of the Norse Mythology. A member of the Vanir tribe, Freya shared her people’s tendency for the magical arts of divination. It is said that it was Freya who introduced the gods to seidr, a form of magic that allowed practitioners to change the future.


Her beauty only surpassed by her magic.
Life created by her will.
Men aroused by her touch.


Turntable of actual resin model. No paint job or clean-up whatsoever (view at 4K resolution for maximum texture detail.)


Supposedly Freya made her home at the palace of Sessrúmnir  located in the field of Fólkvangr, where half of the dead slain in battle were taken to spend eternity; the other half went to Odin’s hall, Valhalla.


The ninth is Folkvangr, where Freyja decrees
Who shall have seats in the hall;
The half of the dead each day does she choose,
And half does Odin have.
Fun Fact: folklore tells us that “Friday” likely meant “Freya’s day”.
Weight500 g
Dimensions22 × 14 × 6 cm

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