Anubis V Bust – Limited Edition 350


The original 1/12 Scale (150mm) Anubis V Bust was our first figure and helped fund the production.

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Our very first figure was this 1/12 Scale (150mm) Anubis V Bust. This figure was a success with our clients and helped fund the production of the 75mm Diorama and 200mm Bust.

It’s Judgment Day for the ol’ soldier. Here, unlike the battlefield, there’s no one to protect him from harm… 

“Will my heart be heavier than the feather”? That’s the only question in the General’s mind as Anubis rips him open with his sharp as knives claws.”

The God of the Underworld has no mercy for sinners. Snatching the bloody heart out of the mortal’s chest is only natural to him.

It’s his duty to dictate the fate of General Djehuty’s soul by weighing his heart against the feather. If lighter then Maat’s feather, the General will ascend to a heavenly existence, if heavier, he will be devoured by Ammit.

Weight500 g
Dimensions22 × 14 × 6 cm

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