About Us

We Work Smart To Provide You The Best Quality Figures

Our unique pipeline is structured with one thought in mind:

“Will our client enjoy painting this?”

That’s why we always start production with a great 2D concept artist, and focus on composition and textures from the get-go.

Our Team

Our Team was born many years ago, way before OMEN even crossed our minds.
Omen Co-Founders | Nuno, Hugo & Jorge | Team

From the left to right: Nuno, Hugo and Jorge.

This team was actually born working on a great brand you probably know already called RP Models. It all started when Hugo, the founder of this brand, and human encyclopedia in military history approached Jorge, a pro sculptor.

The objective? To create truly unique and dynamic historic figures.

Nuno, a character animator and Jorge’s colleague, later started helping the team with the poses and overall composition of the figures.

After a few years and many, many, meetings, it come to our attention that there was an opportunity to create something original, something that mixed history and fantasy…

OMEN was finally born.

That’s why our statues are so unique. Because it’s co-founders have very different backgrounds and try everyday to create something truly unique.

Ready to paint Gods?

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