Mythology Miniatures

In a world where the Gods rely on faith,

A battle must be fought,

To  decide whom will get humanity’s adoration.


Has Joined The Battle!

The Battle

2021-2022 a.c.

Gladius Sword Icon - OMEN | Battle of Gods
Pyramids Icon - OMEN | Battle of Gods


Wise above all.

This season has started with Anubis and Freya battling for your Faith.

Each statue of worship will boost the Faith of each God, and consequently of it’s faction.

You and you alone, the believer will decide who wins the Battle of 2021-22.

Viking Helmet Icon - OMEN | Battle of Gods


Fearless warriors.

What is Faith?

Pay your respects and earn Faith by buying Statues of Worship


The most powerful divinities.

Statue Icon - OMEN | Battle of Gods


Guardian of Scales


Fairest of the Vannir

You can help decide who’s the next God

Mythology Miniatures

High Detail & Variety of Textures

For hobbyist & professional figure painters

Statues of Worship

Tributes to the most powerful Gods.

What do you believe in?

Your Faith will decide which Gods will win the Battle.